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Spartan Networks ProShield Remote Monitoring & Management

An Incredibly Powerful Set of Tools That Provide Complete Visibility Into the Technology That Drives Your Business

Remote Monitoring & Management Dashboard
Our Team Maintains a Birds Eye View of Your Entire Network at all Times
When It’s Time to Drill Down Into the Details of a Single Device We Can Do That Too
Remote Monitoring & Management - Mixed Devices
Remote Monitoring & Management - Remote Shell Console
We Can Even Perform  Routine Maintenance in the Background Without Interrupting Your Employees
When Your Employees Need Help We’re There To Resolve Problems Remotely From Anywhere in the World
Remote Monitoring & Management - Remote Control Dashboard
RMM - Remote Control User
Our Technicians Provide a Seamless Remote Support Experience For Your Team No Matter Where You Are in the World
Why Do We Recommend It?
Without ProShield we would be flying blind in support of your network.
Where Does It Fit Within Our Customized Security Stack?

At every single layer of our security stack you will likely find a component of ProShield at work on your behalf. It is the glue that binds together everything in our portfolio of managed IT services.

If you’re a Star Wars fan then think of it as The Forceit binds everything in the Spartan Networks security universe together with everything else and that creates an extremely powerful toolset that empowers our team to provide the highest levels of protection for your business.

What Problem Does It Solve?

ProShield provides Insight | Access | Management | Security | Visibility | Reporting

ProShield is a critical component in our overall security stack and allows our team to provide fast, efficient support to your business.

With ProShield 99% of all support requests can be resolved remotely which increases overall productivity for your employees and decreases downtime typically associated with critical IT issues.

… and with our remote support capabilities that means no matter where your business is located in the United States we can still support you. Geography is no longer a limiting factor. And for all of your onsite support needs we will happily travel to your location for those projects that require an onsite technician.

Why Do You Need It?
If you want problems resolved quickly, efficiently, and correctly the first time then you need ProShield. If you like knowing exactly what’s on your network then you need ProShield. If you enjoy the monetary benefits of more uptime & less downtime then you need ProShield. If you sleep better at night knowing that someone is always keeping an eye on your technology assets then you need ProShield. We could go on but the reality is ProShield is a critical part of everything we do to help secure and support your network and your people.
Here’s everything you’re gonna get with ProShield Remote Monitoring & Management:
Take a deep breath and prepare to have your mind blown!

Remote Monitoring for PCs & Workstations

Our ProShield Remote Monitoring & Security Management agent empowers our team to proactively monitor, manage, and secure your managed PCs, workstations, servers, and network devices. ProShield is a critical component in the Security First Remote Workforce System that provides our team complete visibility of the technology used to drive your business so that we can support it.

Asset & Inventory Tracking

Asset & Inventory Tracking creates an automated inventory of all your Windows, Macintosh, and Linux devices and compiles that information into easily digestible reports that include detailed information about each device on your network. It's useful for troubleshooting or even as proof of device ownership in the event an insurance claim ever needs to be filed.

Event Log Monitoring

Our monitoring systems will check for specific events written to the event logs that occur on your managed Windows devices. The checks can be configured to alert our team immediately so that we can begin remediation of critical issues sooner rather than later Event Log Monitoring also generates daily reports of all critical events that we are not specifically monitoring during our 24/7 event log checks.

Remote Control

ProShield provides our team members with seamless & secure remote control access to all of your Windows and Macintosh managed devices. The days of waiting hours on end for a technician to arrive at your office are gone. Now within seconds we can have a technician working remotely to resolve any issues that don't require an onsite visit (like hardware installation for example).

Task Automation

With the ability to deploy automated tasks via customized scripts or with our automation management toolset our team is able to ease the burden of routine daily/weekly/monthly system maintenance for your IT team members. Our ProShield agent provides us with a streamlined method for running preventative maintenance tasks which can be monitored and reported on to ensure your systems remain in a healthy state.

Managed Antivirus

ProShield Managed Antivirus (powered by Bitdefender) is tailor-made for large scale centralized deployment and management of antivirus across your entire network of Windows PCs, servers, and Macintosh clients. With it our team is able to deploy customized scanning policies on a per-device basis or to your entire network of managed devices. When a threat is detected we are immediately alerted to the issue and can respond (remotely) accordingly.

Remote Command Line

ProShield Remote Command Line allows our team to remotely execute commands on the connected device as if they were entered at the local command prompt. Some of the ways we leverage this feature are to list or kill system processes, query the file system, start & restart Windows services, restart or shutdown the connected device, and remotely execute MSI files to install software on the managed device.

Remote Process Control

Remote Process Control returns a list of all processes running on the remote device. Information in the list includes Image Name, Process ID, User Name, CPU and Memory usage, number of Threads and process Description... information that is useful for identifying excessive resource usage or bottlenecks on the remote system. Stubborn processes can be killed remotely without interrupting the user. If there are critical processes that need daily attention we can configure a script on the device that will monitor for failures.

Remote Service Control

ProShield Remote Service Control returns a list of all services running on the remote device. The information displayed includes the service Name, Description, Status, Startup Type, and Log On As details. By leveraging this tool our team is able to start, stop, pause, resume, and restart services without interrupting the user working on the remote device. We're also able to modify the service Startup Type to Automatic, Manual, or Disabled to provide better control over how the service behaves on system startup.

Patch Management

ProShield Patch Management for Windows provides an effective and efficient solution for remotely managing and deploying security updates for Microsoft applications and even critical updates and patches for many popular 3rd party applications such as Adobe Reader, Java, Google Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird and more. Our team can also automate patch management for Macintosh computers using our customized automated tasks.

Remote PowerShell

Our team utilizes ProShield Remote PowerShell to automate time-consuming or tedious administrative management tasks for Windows, Linux, and macOS systems and to scale maintenance and automation tasks on larger networks. Leveraging Remote PowerShell to manage Active Directory on a Windows network is helpful for executing automated management of tasks that would typically take more time and IT resources to successfully accomplish.

Remote Registry

Windows Remote Registry Editor allows our team to access & manipulate the registry of a remote Windows device in order to perform complex system and configuration updates without disturbing your employee. Access to the Remote Registry Editor is secured by three layers of authentication... First by permissions assigned to authorized personnel only, then by Multifactor Authentication (MFA), and again by requiring the technician to enter a secure password known only to them. Only authorized personnel on our team who have permissions for Remote Registry access to customer devices are allowed to perform this function. And, of course, we always backup the registry before making any changes.

Windows Service Checks

The Windows Service Check monitors Windows services on the managed device. When a service that should be running is stopped the check generates an alert that immediately notifies our team of the problem. Our agent can then automatically restart the service or someone from our team can provide manual intervention to resolve the problem if auto-restarting fails.

SNMP Monitoring

Simple Network Management Protocol is an application-layer protocol used to manage and monitor network devices and their functions. By incorporating SNMP monitoring into our solution we are better able to support devices on your network. Never again will you rely on guesswork to determine the cause of network interruptions.

Web Protection

Ideal for highly mobile organizations Web Protection is a security service that protects unsuspecting users from malicious websites. Web requests are controlled by company policy that can be customized to block a specific site or an entire category (i.e. hate speech, pornography, illegal, intolerance etc.).

File Transfer

The File Transfer feature allows our support team to remotely transfer files and folders to/from the remote device during a support session. This feature is extremely useful for situations that require exporting of support related data from the remote device for further analysis. It can also be used to upload files that may be needed to help resolve an issue on the remote device.

Risk Intelligence

ProShield Risk Intelligence enables our team to quickly and easily perform ongoing risk assessments of Windows computers within your IT environment, calculating the real-time risk of a data breach and assigning a monetary value to it. We achieve this by scanning target devices using customized policies that include scans for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and FINRA regulatory compliance.

Automated Ticketing

ProShield Automated Ticketing is a data management system designed by our team that centralizes our customer service and allows us to seamlessly respond to and resolve issues more efficiently. ProShield automatically generates support tickets in our ticketing system that allow us to get a better handle on support issues that require our attention. By integrating our monitoring & ticketing systems we can link and transfer data between both environments to provide more accurate management & reporting of the work we perform on your behalf.